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From sketch-pad to work site, all installation work is done in house by yours truly.


Summer 2021

When my mother decided to renovate her home in 2019, she could never have guessed how covid-19 would turn a 6-month project in to years. as that time ticked by we had plenty of time to think about the ironwork that would go on her home at the end. 

Given the straight lines of the building's construction, my usual nature-based aesthetic would never have worked. So I elected for an art deco style, forgoing my usual flowing and shapes for more regimented straight lines and circles.


Summer 2022

I got called to a clients house one day to discover he had a new stone wall with castle-like crenellations defending his lovely pool. He needed a gate and crenellation grates that would match the garden fences he had AND the imposing wall. He also needed custom hinges that would mount to a 90º corner on one side, and an uneven stone wall on the other, while being disassembleable!

I'll let you judge if I nailed it. 


October 2021

This railing was one of the first things I forged after acquiring a power hammer for my shop, and I took that opportunity to employ a fullerd textures that could never be done by hand. Even on a simple handrail like this, there's always an opportunity to learn.


October 2022

Sometimes it breaks my heart to cut apart an old railing, but then I'm forced to choose between letting it go to the scrap yards, or retrofitting it for a new home. 
In 2022 I was asked to take a vintage railing and move it to a new staircase with a VERY different angle of ascent. To make sure all our measurements were perfect, I broke this railing down to its basic components, forged new ones where needed, and put it all back together again. Ironicly, it would have taken as long to do it from scratch.

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