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I sometimes challenge myself to take a sculptural form and turn it functional in as many ways as possible. 

In unrelated news, my dragon headed "cookout tools" are a toasting fork, fire poker, bottle opener, and sinister dragon scepter all in one package! Being stainless its also more durable and weather resistant than other handmade fire pokers. 

Handle shapes may vary from the pictures. get in touch to see available pieces. 

Stainless Bonfire Dragon: Project

To put in an order, please send a message below, with the name and quantity of the products in the subject line.

If you have specific needs, or any questions off all, do NOT hesitate to ask.

I'll be in touch shortly to sort out payment, shipping, and answer any questions you have.

Stainless Bonfire Dragon: Text

Thanks for submitting!

Stainless Bonfire Dragon: Contact
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