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The Squiggly Bois are my favorite pieces to forge in sets, because even in a batch of 100, every one somehow stands out as unique, each with their own personality...

Other than being adorable sculptures, every one of my octopus have two of their tentacles twisted into a 1/4" ring, for mounting to a wall as a coat hook. I feel strongly that my art should all be functional in some way, and it amuses me that all my guys try to be helpful. 

"Squiggly Boi" Octopus hooks: Project

To put in an order, please send a message below, with the name and quantity of the products in the subject line.

If you have specific needs, or any questions off all, do NOT hesitate to ask.

I'll be in touch shortly to sort out payment, shipping, and answer any questions you have.

"Squiggly Boi" Octopus hooks: Text

Thanks for submitting!

"Squiggly Boi" Octopus hooks: Contact
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