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The "Squiggly Boi"  began as a challenge from one of my teachers to produce a piece suitable for sale at the Toronto One Of a Kind show, but quickly took on a life of it's own. 

This functional octopus sculpture securely holds up to four wine bottles. More than just pure aesthetics, the upside-down positioning of the bottles helps to prevent the oxidation of corked wine, by keeping the cork constantly wet. 

"The OG" Squiggly Boi Wine rack: Project

To put in an order, please send a message below, with the name and quantity of the products in the subject line.

If you have specific needs, or any questions off all, do NOT hesitate to ask.

I'll be in touch shortly to sort out payment, shipping, and answer any questions you have.

"The OG" Squiggly Boi Wine rack: Text

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"The OG" Squiggly Boi Wine rack: Contact
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