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“Ferroluminescence” is a garden lamp and jellyfish light sculpture, meant to highlight the lines I like to cross in my art. It’s not only a statement on the potential functionality of fine art, but also the strange power of metal to be at once liquid and rigid.

My lamps are compatible with any indoor/outdoor 120 V outlet and standard lightbulb. The light is Directed inside of a polished copper dome, producing an organic silhouette in a warm copper glow.

"Ferroluminescence" II: Garden Lamps: Project

To put in an order, please send a message below, with the name and quantity of the products in the subject line.

If you have specific needs, or any questions off all, do NOT hesitate to ask.

I'll be in touch shortly to sort out payment, shipping, and answer any questions you have.

"Ferroluminescence" II: Garden Lamps: Text

Thanks for submitting!

"Ferroluminescence" II: Garden Lamps: Contact
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